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The University of Granada is located in the city of Granada, a southern province of Spain and the last Iberian city to fall under Muslim rule in 1492. It was founded in 1531 by the papal bull of Pope Clemente VII, under the initiative of Emperor Carlos V. Its long history and diverse student body has made it one of the best cultural and intellectual centres in southern Spain.

The buildings and centres of the university are scattered around the urban area of Granada. Among the 270,000 population of the city of Granada, The University of Granada has around 60,000 students. The university also has campuses located in other cities including Ceuta, a Spanish city with a population of 70,000; and Melilla, a North African city with a population of 60,000.


The university is home to various facilities such as the University Library, various sports facilities, and dining halls.

The library is one of the oldest buildings in the university dating back to the late 17th century. It has a book collection of 578,215 books. It is open from nine in the morning to nine in the evening. Each faculty, however, also has its own libraries, which have varying opening and closing hours.

The university has enough sports facilities including a large gymnasium for indoor sports; football, track, and rugby fields; and tennis courts. Each residence hall also has its own sports facilities.

The university has two main dining halls. One is located at the Cartuja campus while the other is at the Fuentenueva campus, each of these offers quality meals at reasonable prices.

Boarding schools and halls of residence are located around the campus and these all cater for students staying for periods of nine months or longer. Those visiting Granada for short periods can choose between youth hostels around the Plaza Nueva and hotels on the Plaza de la Trinidad, amongst other central spots. Granada villas are also popular in this part of Andalucia and the most noteworthy overlook olive groves and the Contraviesa mountains.

Famous Students

The university boasts of a number of famous alumni. One of them is Mike Jordan, who is a professor in Emroy University.

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Address: Hill of the Hospicio s/n - 18071, Granada, Andalucia, Spain
Tel: 958 24 30 25 / 27
Fax: 958 24 30 66
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Granada University

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