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About Granada, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Granada, Andalucia, Spain)

The city of Granada is a historic city. It was the last Iberian city conquered by the Muslims and is well known for its rich and diverse cultural and religious legacy. The beauty and grandeur of the city has been cited in a poem written by Francisco de Icaza. He writes:

'Give him money, woman because there is nothing like the pity of being in Granada.'

What to do in Granada

The city of Granada is filled with a variety of shops, most of which sell ceramics, guitars, and textiles. There are also shops located in plazas and commercial parks scattered around the city.

Granada is also well-know for its music scene. Its music is deeply influenced by flamenco, a genre of Spanish music, and the city is known as one of the best to go to look for that distinct flamenco sound.

Tourist Attractions

One of the best tourists attractions in the city of Granada are the house-caves, where visitors may stay for a night in underground dwellings. These caves are fully equipped with all the necessities that ensure a comfortable stay.

The Alhambra, or Red Castle, is an ancient castle-fortress which was used by the Moorish monarchs of the city. It is situated on hill on the southeastern border of the city. It was the residence of the Muslim kings who once ruled the city. Today, the museum presents exquisite Muslim artefacts and architecture.

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